Where am I? – SamKyung Hiville

So I’m sure some of you guys are curious as to where I was staying while in Korea. It’s hard to find a cheap and convenient place that’s splat in the middle of the city nowadays, so I took the liberty of writing this post about where I was staying, because it’s REALLY NICE.

Welcome to Samkyung Hiville (삼경하이빌)! I know it’s spelt “hivil” on the website’s URL but it’s pronounced “hiville”. Like, “high”, and then “ville”, like from Cityville or Farmville. Anyway, I digress.

We stayed in the double bed room, so we got a queen sized bed, which was more than big enough for us two petite Asian ladies. The best part was, because we were staying at the Dogok area building (this company (?) has two hotels located in two very large city areas), we were literally a stone’s throw away from the main Gangnam Road. Just a two minute’s walk and you’re in the middle of one of the most busiest and newly developed areas in Seoul. And just another 3 minutes walk from where you’re standing, and you can find the subway station that can take you to all sorts of places. Uber convenient!

Convenience of location aside, the room itself was really nice. We paid about ₩60,000 per night, which is about $53.30. Way cheaper than some of the other hotels in this area. Plus, it was clean (the cleaners came to clean it every 3 days), we had a kitchen, there’s a self-laundry room downstairs, and you get free high-speed internet! Also, the hotel has taken the liberty of providing guests with a list of places where you can order food from (food delivery costs nothing in Korea!) in case you don’t want to walk the maybe 5 minutes to get to some really nice restaurants. And if you don’t want to order out either, you can buy some delicious Korean microwaveable food from the 7-11 just in front of the hotel and heat it up in your kitchen. They also give you cutlery and bowls and even pots and pans so you can basically whip up whatever you fancy whenever you like. And they have a really nice heater in the room too, which really helped because this winter was COLD!

So next time you are thinking about planning a budget trip to Korea, I STRONGLY recommend this place! Next time you go to Korea, would you stay at this place? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Where am I? – SamKyung Hiville

  1. It looks like a really nice place and more homely than others I’ve either stayed in or seen. Looks more like an apartment than a hotel room. I will definitely consider staying there next time in need a hotel room in Seoul. Thanks for the tip.

  2. We will soon be visiting Seoul and staying at SamKyung, DoGok. Happy to hear that the place is nice. Have you encountered any petty to moderate level con job or hostilities (pick pocket, being overcharged at shops and restaurants, etc) ? Korean friend at work (in USA) told me that there’s quite a bit of news coverage about those sorts of things being targeted especially at naive looking expats. Any store or eateries we should avoid near SamKyung? Hate to sound like a scary cat, but I want my family to have a safe and pleasant trip. We have not been back to Seoul in a long time (20+ years).

    • Hi oldiebutgoodie! I’ve never actually encountered anything of that sort, but that might be because I’m Korean myself. As with anywhere, you need to be careful, though I don’t think you need to be careful to the extent where you start suspecting everybody around of being pickpockets. Watch out for crowded areas, especially subways. There will be tons of people and if something does happen, more likely than not you won’t be able to do anything about. Also, basic common sense; don’t stay out too late, don’t wander off into sketchy neighbourhoods, etc.
      The area around SamKyung is actually right smack in the middle of the busiest area of Seoul (Gangnam Station Area). You’ll find plenty of eateries and fun shopping places. And if not, you can always take the subway to other big areas, such as COEX Mall (get off at Samseong Station). This is probably my favourite mall, and in the basement area of the mall, they have a food court, and hundreds (possibly thousands) of stores. Hope you have a nice stay in Seoul! 🙂

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