Lunch at Mix & Bake

Mix & Bake is a Korean franchise of restaurants/cafés/bakeries, but the one we went to for lunch was located in the basement shopping wonderland that is Coex Shopping Mall at Samseong-dong. I actually didn’t know anything about the restaurant nor did I plan on going there; the cheap-ish looking interior and the Italian food caught my eye as I was wandering through the various stationery stores. But I’m glad I went!

I ordered the Tomato & Black Olive Pasta, while my mum ordered some carbonara-type pasta that was nestled inside a little bowl of freshly baked bread. Yum! The Tomato & Black Olive Pasta was basically a very simple aglio e olio pasta with, well, tomatoes and black olives. To be honest, it wasn’t the best aglio et olio pasta I’ve had (the best would be at DELIcious which, with me being in Malaysia finally, I’ll be able to visit and blog about some time soon *grin grin*) but it was pretty decent given the relatively cheap price tag (food is so expensive in Korea!).

But the pasta that mummy ordered was so good! I sneaked a few bites in between my own pasta, naughty little me. First, you had to open the little flap of bread and surprise! A carbonara delight greets you. And the best part is when you’re done with the pasta; you get to tear into your “bowl” that’s been saturated with the saucy goodness! Delish!

Obligatory artsy shot.

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