Meet Molly!

Hello peeps! Today, I’d like you to meet Molly, my doll that I made in middle school…

I made her out of some scrap quilting material that I salvaged from my mum’s quilting box. I can’t believe I managed to find her among all my junk! And she’s still perfectly fine 🙂 But her clothes and hair were a little bit falling apart so I re-did those today. I love how the buttons look on her tank-top! (mum’s idea)

This is my first post about my crafty endeavours, so I’m a bit nervous about the comments I may or may not receive. Nevertheless, I’m in love with my Molly and I think she’s adorable ♥

Signing off,


2 thoughts on “Meet Molly!

  1. she IS adorable Marie, and how wonderful to find her again. I love the little buttons you added.and look forward to seeing more crafty things. Your foodie posts are great and love the food you cook!

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