Lunch at DELIcious (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

So in my previous post about Mix & Bake, I mentioned that the best aglio et olio pasta can be found in the restaurant called DELIcious. This was our lunch venue today! Lucky me! *grin grin*

DELIcious is a franchise of restaurant/cafés spread out all around Klang Valley, Malaysia. The one I visited was located in the Annex of the Dua Residence. The menu has a formidable variety, from the Asian type cuisine of DELIEast, to your typical café foods such as *deep breathe* pastas, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, meats (including lamb, beef chicken). Also there are plenty of things on the children’s menu and desserts section in terms of variety so it’s very family friendly.

Today I got the Aglio Olio Spaghettini with Shitake Mushroom & Sun-dried Tomato (RM23.80, or $7.90), with a Soda Rose to wash things down. Does that not sound (and look) delicious? The fleshy mushrooms and the juicy and very strong-flavoured tomatoes were a great contrast and compliment with the garlicky and savoury pasta. Much om nom nom-ness indeed.

Unfortunately, in spite of the great food and wide variety, I’m hesitant to recommend this place to other people because you have to be VERY patient for your food. Service isn’t the greatest here (ok, I’ll be honest, it SUCKS) and there were several occasions where the food wasn’t “entered into the system” (whatever that meant) and would take another 20 minutes to prepare, which meant the person who didn’t get their food yet would have to suffer in agony while everybody else ate their own delicious dishes. That was the case for my poor poor daddy today, who had to wait an additional 23 minutes after everybody else was done eating because we only realized this error after we were almost done with our food. *sigh*

In addition to this error with the food not coming out on time, we also had the additional issue about drinks getting mixed up. The server came up to me before our drinks were served, saying that they had run out of soda rose. So I ordered another drink, the frosty lychee tea. But later, when they served us our drinks, our server brought with her a soda rose AND a lychee tea. Huh? And my mum’s water was nowhere to be found. When we asked them what was going on, they told me that they told me that they had run out of water (what restaurant runs out of water?) and that they had thought that I wanted the lychee tea instead of the water. So my mum ended up with no drink (well, she shared my soda rose) because she didn’t want the lychee tea.

But when it came time to pay our bill, the frosty lychee tea was there, in spite of the fact that we had sent it back to the kitchen. And regarding that, our server said that she would ask her superior about it, except no manager appeared, and that server never came back to address the issues.

Ok, I’m done ranting about the poor service. But seriously? If the management were to enforce better training on its staff, I would definitely recommend this place to everybody and anybody looking for a great casual dining experience. The food is mind blasting-ly orgasmic, yet the overall dining experience is severely marred by the general slowness and errors. Also, they can’t spell macaron. Good heavens, it’s ONE ‘o’, not two! Completely different things!

These are macarons (which they are talking about), with ONE ‘o’:

And these are macaroons (which they were NOT talking about), with TWO ‘o’s like how they spelt them:

Drives me insane, this does. Gahh! Am I crazy? What do you think about macarOns VS macarOOns?

Signing off,


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