A Plethora of Tests…

Medical tests, that is. I’ve had an EEG done, with all the wires and stuff, a blood test, and a potential MRI scheduled for next week. The last couple of headache attacks were enough to basically level me onto the ground and have me retching over the toilet bowl for hours, so I’m really hoping something will come out of all these tests. Until then, I’ll just have to make do with these new extra-strong pain-killers that the doctor prescribed for me. Yay!

Anyhow, I will be cooking tonight! So a blog post about that will be in order some time very soon. Hopefully it’ll actually turn out to be edible 😀

Signing off,


One thought on “A Plethora of Tests…

  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling rough. Migraines can be so horrible, and I feel for you – my Mom would get them and she could do nothing but lie in the dark and throw up. Horrible. Good luck with the tests and hopefully they can help you out!

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