Lunch at Yuzu – Sushi Paradise

Yuzu is a Japanese restaurant located inside the Suria KLCC shopping mall, which is basically connected to the KL Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in Malaysia and the tallest twin towers in the world. It was my first time eating here, but I had grown tired of all the other restaurants in this Goliath of a mall (amazing, I know), and it was a pretty new restaurant so I decided I’d give it a shot.

The name of the restaurant, Yuzu, is apparently named after “a citrus fruit used to add a distinct flavour and tanginess to a dish”. However, I didn’t experience any of that promised “tanginess” in my food. Huh. Confused. Oh well.

My mum and I ordered a yaki soba, udon, and sushi set to share. I didn’t actually take pictures of the udon though because it doesn’t look that great. Really. It doesn’t. Bahh. But the sushi set! It came in a little stairway thing! And they were pretty darn good too 😀

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