Owl Coin Pouch

A little bit of crafty time last night! I took the pattern from here and made myself a little owl coin pouch. I know the pattern actually makes a key chain holder, but I didn’t really need a key chain and I had a bit of zipper left over from a cushion that got ripped apart. So coin pouch it is!

Pre-stitching the two parts together. I made it uber cushy with a layer of cotton in between the cloth layers. My mum also made one, except she made it as a key chain holder. It took a while to choose the colours, but I’m really happy with the end results. 🙂

And the tada moment…

Is this not adorable! Squeal! I had a bit of an iffy time with the zipper because I had never tried to do this kind of thing before but in the end I managed to do it. And I’m so proud of it! Ahhhhh! Like, amazingly proud of it. Ridiculously, even. 😀 😀 😀

Signing off,


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