Obligatory Macaron Post

It seems like everybody has gotten swept up in the macaron craze lately. Therefore, obligatory macaron post!

This was actually the first time I had tried macarons. I know, shocking, right? I got them at the little desserts store in the food corner of the Suria KLCC mall. I got six of these, though only five fit in the box so the forever alone macaron was placed in its own little plastic bag. *sad macaron*

The flavours I got were; raspberry, almond, blackcurrant, lemon, green tea, and…I can’t remember what the other green one was. Probably mint? Or something like that? Anyway, the raspberry, lemon, and blackcurrant were by far my favourite three. Definitely could see myself going back there for seconds…and thirds…

My initial thought prior to eating macarons were that they were an over-hyped fad that would pass quickly. Nope. They were actually really good! So good in fact, that after eating them, I went straight over to foodgawker to look up a recipe for them. But…wayyy too complicated for me. Aging the egg whites, almond flour…what? Even separating eggs is a hassle for me! Maybe it’s something I can do when I’m REALLY utterly bored.

But they’re so pretty! They do make for good food photography props, I have to admit. All the colours! And the adorable roundness of the whole thing! They’re kind of like mini burgers in a rainbow of colours. Precious.

Signing off,


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