Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Part 3

After our trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels, we took a much well-deserved break at the hotel (the weather was incredibly hot) before leaving for the Saigon River with our hotel guide, Thao. Thao was our amazing guide/hotel manager/tour organizer person. She was very prompt with emails and was very thorough in making sure our entire trip went very smoothly. And she also accompanied us to the riverside to make sure we got on the right boat! How nice of her. 🙂

We rode to the Saigon riverside on cyclos. Cyclos were basically these sort of carriages attached to the front of bicycles. The person driving would sit on the bicycle, and steer with handles attached to the back of the carriage. Our drivers were all very nice, and they spoke English (hurrah!) so they explained to us the various buildings and parks that we went past. In contrast to the blazing hot weather of the early afternoon, it was much cooler at night, with a wind blowing from the river. The only part that terrified me slightly was the plethora of motorcycles, all rushing around and honking at us. Still, we took our leisurely time to the river and we survived.

At the river, we got on a traditional Vietnamese junk for our dinner cruise. We had a spectacular view of District 1 and 2 with all the lights on, and we were also treated to a pretty decadent 6 course dinner as well. Throughout the meal, there were entertainers dancing and singing at the front of the boat, which was interesting as they performed traditional Vietnamese songs. The only annoying part was when they tried to come up to our table after the performance, trying to sell us CDs of their performances. But I suppose that’s what’s being a tourist is about. Near the end of the cruise, we went up to the top of boat where we enjoyed the night breeze and the scenery. There was this other boat behind us that had neon lights that made it look like a fish. Well, my dad thought it was a shark at first, so we started calling it Shark Boat. We grew a little obsessed with it after a while. You’ll see what I mean in Part 4.

Angry Shark Boat!

Part 4 will be up soon (hopefully!)

*update* Part 4 is here! Click here to read it! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Part 3

  1. I remember the ‘shark boat’ from our trip. We also enjoyed a ‘dinner cruise’ like yours. Hopefully I will find time to continue my Vietnam posts one day soon.

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