London, 2012 Europe Trip – Part 3

Day 2 of our London visit started pretty early in the morning, along with the typical grey and gloomy London weather. Taking the bus from Marble Arch, we went to the famous antique market of Portobello Road. Although there weren’t that many people on the way there, by the time we got to the general area, it was CROWDED. Instead of walking through the market, it felt more like I was being dragged along by the tide of people. Argh, claustrophobia.

Despite the storm of people out on the roads, the inside of the antique markets were relatively quiet and calm. I guess they would have to be, given the plethora of easily breakable and expensive items. There were lots of different items on sale, including some interesting curiosities. I was obviously enamoured with this 100+ year old clarinet, but the price tag was ridiculous. Argh…

Amidst all the expensive Victorian items though, were some cheaper items obviously targeted towards tourists who couldn’t tell the difference between a real antique cameo brooch and brooches made in a Chinese factory. Although I didn’t really buy anything, there were tons of cute stalls selling literal piles of costume jewellery and other touristy things, like “I ♥ London” mugs.

Being a doll collector though, I did buy a small hand-made wooden doll. He’s dressed in the traditional British cavalry costume 🙂

Signing off,


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