London, 2012 Europe Trip – Part 5

Although the weather for much of our trip to London had been overcast/drizzling, the last day was a beautiful sunny day. The sky had never seemed bluer! So in celebration of this marvellous weather (and because we had nothing else to do on the last day), we headed over to Hyde Park, which was just a 4 minute’s walk from our hotel.

Hyde Park was a huge expanse of green, separated into two parts by a large river/lake (?) called the Serpentine. It is located right next to Kensington Garden, and there is no distinct line that separates the two, which explains the confusion that many people as to whether or not they are one large park or two separate (however, Queen Caroline made the distinction in the 18th century).

There were tons of people out and about enjoying the lovely weather. And homo sapiens were not the only species enjoying the day; the ducks and swans in the Serpentine were taking the time to stroll (?) along leisurely amongst the people, being very photogenic and taking advantage of people and their sandwiches.

In the afternoon, we indulged in a little bit of afternoon tea. Cookies, scones, and tea!

Next up, Paris!

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