Malaysian Bridge Market

And now we take a short break from Marie’s European antics to bring you this special edition, featuring Malaysia’s bridge markets!

Under the big highway bridge just outside of my apartment complex, there is a street market of sorts that emerges from nothing once every couple of days. I’m never quite certain of when the market is going to happen, but it seems that all the local people have a telepathic subscription to it, as whenever it IS open, it is always crowded.

The market is always full of interesting stalls selling interesting goods, from fruits to fish, from local snacks to strange meats, and stalls selling jars of unusual condiments that I have never had the courage to try.

There is always a stall that sells two different types of chicken; normal chicken and “kampung” chicken. “Kampung” in Malay means “village”, as in countryside. And true to its name, kampung chicken are raised in the countryside, without any chemical interferences. So it’s as close to organic as you can get. Whenever we go to the market, we make sure to buy this chicken; although it’s about a dollar or two more expensive, it tastes a lot better. Unfortunately, although the butcher does a good job of decapitating the poor creature, he doesn’t clean out all the innards and whatnot. So whenever we do buy this chicken, the task always falls upon me for some reason to eviscerate the unfortunate beast.

There was a stall selling fresh beef, though the cow head was especially what triggered my interest. That and the legs with the hooves still attached to them, and the cow tail swinging from a hook. The man in charge of the stall was kind enough to pose for me with the cow’s head, although the photo turned out terrible (my bad) from the lighting. Market people are so friendly.

Here are a couple more shots from the market;

Some very fresh seafood.

Tropical fruits, including my favourite mangos and rambutan.

Various local snacks for sale, most of them of the fried variety, similar to doughnuts.

Signing off,


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