Miniature Cupcake Truffles

So I read this article online through foodgawker a few years about these dessert ideas. The author, Brooke McLay, called them Perfect Lil’ Cupcake Truffles. And they were no bake! And they also looked adorable as heck. So yesterday, I finally mustered up the courage to go to a store by myself and buy a bunch of chocolate bars. I swear, I’m not eating them all!

Don’t they look adorable here! But…as usual, I had some problems with my attempt. First, I kept burning the chocolate, even though I was microwaving them in short intervals. Something about the microwave setting. I can’t figure it out to save my life. And second, the top (mint or white chocolate) was supposed to be piped onto the top of the normal chocolate, but I hadn’t done much piping before in my life, so I kind of just had to spoon it out. The end result…?

Also, the grocery store didn’t have any sprinkles or mini M&Ms. Nor did they have mint chocolate. Brooke’s article says that “They are so easy to make, you can have a batch of 10 done in 10 minutes or less.” Lies! Well, maybe I’m just really bad at this, haha. But I’ve got to agree with her on the taste. Delicious! Even though I’m not much of a chocolate person, I ended up devouring the whole plateful 😀

Signing off,


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