Paris, 2012 Europe Trip – Part 10

The next day, we didn’t have anything planned. So after a leisurely morning, we set off to discover what little nooks and crannies of Paris we hadn’t explored yet. Our first stop was the Centre Pompidou…

Designed in the style of “high-tech architecture” and completed in 1977, most of the inside is a large modern art museum. We didn’t actually go inside to see the exhibits though. By going through a side elevator that led straight to the rooftop restaurant, we were able to avoid paying the entrance fee (the side elevator is a little red one, for anybody going there for the view). As one of the tallest buildings in Paris, we were able to see the entire Paris skyline at eye-level…

Hello Eiffel Tower!

Behind the Centre Pompidou was this little area with a small fountain and huge mural. There was a classroom-full of children playing around. I love the huge Salvador Dali-esque mural.

Wandering through the district of Marais, we discovered this…

They’re tomatoes but they look…weird! What is this??? Can anybody tell me? Why do they look so weird? Do they taste any different? Better? Worse?

Signing off,


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