Paris, 2012 Europe Trip – Part 11

I lied. This post isn’t about Paris at all. But it’s still in France, and for consistency’s sake, I’m titling this post as Paris.

Today we are in the charming outskirts of Paris! We started early in the morning, getting picked up by our driver in his black van, along with another small Korean family of two children and two parents. The weather was miserably cold and misty, but the sights we were seeing were priceless.

Our first stop was the commune of Honfleur! The inhabitants comprise a quaint population of around 8000, and according to Wikipedia, “it is especially known for its old, beautiful picturesque port, characterized by its houses with slate-covered frontages, painted many times by artists, including in particular Gustav Courbet, Eugene Boudin, Claude Monet, and Johan Jongkind, forming the école de Honfleur (Honfleur school) which contributed to the appearance of the Impressionist movement.”

And picturesque it was! It was early in the day, so everybody was busy getting the day going. The market was open, people were walking up and down the pier, while the wooden church in the town centre (the largest of its kind in France) sort of watched over the whole bustling scene with a maternal aura.

The market sold everything from fresh produce to home-made macarons (of which I bought a bag-full of assorted flavours from a grinning old man). There were people selling fresh fish, just caught last night from the pier. There was even an organ grinder to one side of the church, with his dancing dog.

Just a couple minute’s drive away was the commune of Deauville. Another seaside town, it is slightly smaller than Honfleur, with a population of roughly 4000. As is expected from a port town, seafood was its main produce. There were stall after stall of fresh seafood, cooked seafood, that you could buy by the gram and eat. They were ridiculously cheap as well; 200 grams of sea-snails (?) cost less than 2 Euros. It was fascinating to know that just hours prior to being chowed down, these things were all alive and wriggling.

Very tasty and fresh! I ate the whole 200 grams in the back-seat of the car. One of the most memorable food experiences I’ve ever had. 🙂

Next up is Mont Saint-Michel! Here’s a sneak peek…

More to come soon! Stay tuned!

Signing off,


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