Kracie Happy Kitchen Cupcakes

A few weeks ago, I went to the Japanese supermarket with my mum. There, I saw something that caught my eye; a little pink box with the words “Kracie Happy Kitchen” written on it in cute yellow letters. I remembered having seen the exact same box in this video by RRcherrypie:

So obviously I bought it. The next day, I tried it out in my kitchen, with a little help from my friend, technology…

Because I can’t read Japanese. So along with RRcherrypie’s video and the little drawings on the back of the boxes (and common sense), I went ahead and made the cupcakes. Here are the contents of the box…

And here are the final results…

RRcherrypie made it look so easy in their video! For some reason, the cupcake from the heart shaped container didn’t turn out very heart-shaped, and I had to hack away at it with a small butter knife to actually get it to look like a heart. The circle one turned out right all the time though, thank goodness. And because I’m horrible at icing (see Miniature Cupcake Truffles), they really didn’t look that great. Thankfully, the sprinkles sort of covered them up, so you can’t see what a bad job I did with them. Haha.

And the taste? To be honest, they really didn’t taste that great. I offered them to my parents, so we would each have 2 pieces, but they didn’t eat their second ones. So I ended up having to eat the rest. I mean, they weren’t horrible, but they weren’t great. Not worth slaving over and spending quite a bit of money on the box. But it was great fun. Next up, this…

Yep, this is similar to Happy Kitchen, except this one is called Popin’ Cookin’. And these are candy sushi. Apparently they taste really nice, like grapes. 😀

Signing off,


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