4th of July and Fireworks!

This was actually only my second 4th of July, though it definitely wasn’t my second time to see fireworks. There are fireworks all the time back home in Kuala Lumpur. Anyhow, we still had rehearsals and lessons and masterclasses (right now I’m at the music academy in Santa Barbara), but after we were done with all our stuff, we had a little collaborative piano studio get-together where we all invaded one of the faculty member’s home and stuffed our faces with lovely home-made burgers.

Her house was just 4 minutes or so from the beach, so after a cozy session of eating, talking, and general socializing, we headed over to the Santa Barbara beach. We sat on the sand, just a couple of metres away from where they were shooting the fireworks. I was glad to have my glasses on by the end of the evening though, because the ash was everywhere. But we had really good views of the fireworks, and sometimes they were directly above us so we had to lean our heads back with squinting eyes to marvel at the lights.

Happy belated 4th of July to everybody!

Signing off,


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