Adventuring in Ventura

As much as I love being in Santa Barbara, sometimes you feel like you need a break from your constantly similar surrounding. So last Saturday, the entire collaborative piano studio took our “Collabmobile” and took the day off to go to Ventura, CA. Not too far from Santa Barbara, but different enough for a quick breather away from all the ritzy glitzy Montecito lifestyle.

Look at that burrito! I got the chicken fajita burrito, and without knowing what it meant, I decided to be adventurous and go for the extra option of “making it wet”. Which meant slathering the whole thing with bean sauce and melted cheese. Totally messy, but totally delicious.

Our next destination (after our stomach-burstingly full meal) was the Serra Cross Park. We drove up to the top of the hill, which was easily the tallest point in the town (small city?). We had an excellent view of the beach and the town spread out beneath us…

Gorgeous! And to the other side of the hill, we could see all the mountains just rolling across the horizon. And for a little history lesson…

According to the plaque at the foot of a huge wooden cross on the hill, the park was created in memory of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Padre Junipero Serra, who was the founder of the Franciscan Missions of California. And apparently Ventura (or San Buenventura as it is officially known) was the last place he founded before he died.

We decided to stop a little while at one of my friend’s brother’s house. His house was located in the Channel Islands of Oxnard, a short drive away from where we were. The most interesting part was that instead of back yards, they had…back rivers (?)! They had a small dock, which led out to a communal canal-like area, where people boated to other people’s houses and such. It was like Venice, except a lot cleaner, and in America.

And then it was back to Ventura. We went down to the Ventura Pier (est. 1872!) where we watched a lot of the locals fishing. One local accidentally hooked an unfortunate sea-bird on his line! Thankfully for the poor creature we managed to free it. 😦

Next up, whale watching! Stay tuned…and here’s a picture of a photogenic seagull to keep you company while you wait for my whales 😛

Signing off,


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