Santa Barbara Dining – Part 2

Continuation from Part 1 of my Santa Barbara Dining posts! Enjoy!

Jeannine’s Bakery
The super nice people of Jeannine’s Bakery (Montecito) gave every musician at the Summer Academy $50 gift certificates to spend at their place near the middle of the festival. Not being a nay-sayer of free food, I was able to go there a couple of times. I’m really glad that they gave us the gift certificates though, because as delicious as the food was, everything on the menu was super expensive.

In spite of the wide variety of foods that they offered on their menus, I for some reason was always compelled to eat the Challah French Toast Breakfast. For $11.25, you could get “combination with 2 eggs, & choice of one: bacon, sausage, or ham”, in addition to the delicious french toast served with maple syrup and fresh fruits.

Close up of French toast!

Smiley eggs!

My friend’s pancakes.

My other friend’s lunch sandwiches with lox.


Signing off,


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