Windowsill Herb Gardening

In celebration of having moved into my new apartment, I purchased this kit from Amazon. Having always had a “hankering” for gardening, I decided to test my relatively green thumb and actually start a herb garden thing. Hurrah!

Shipping was relatively quick, which was awesome because I came home from school one day, not expecting a package, but here it was! Nicely packed in a little brown box, my own little gardening kit. The kit was super easy to set up as well. Lots of dehydrated dirt that you poured water over to make fluffy, and even a little cardboard “planting template”. Which I ended up using for only the first pot of basil though, because the next day, I decided that I didn’t need cilantro and oregano so I replanted the pots with the remaining basil seeds. Haha.

I then wrapped the whole contraception in saran wrap to create a sort of “greenhouse”, per directions. This was to germinate the seeds.

4 days later…

Squeal! There’s just something about emerging little sprouts that make me go “ooh ahh”. They’re just so adorable, wriggling their way out of their little seed pods.

Another week later…

You can tell that I’ve planted the basil in the containers on the right side much later than the one on the very left. And you can sort of see some oregano plants in the very right container that came as a result of me not properly changing the soil when I re-potted them. Oops. But squeal!

Today is the 5th, and right now as I’m writing this blog entry, my basil plants are even fluffier and cuter! But I’ll keep you guys on tenterhooks and leave that for the next entry. I’m such a tease 🙂

Signing off,


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