Sick + Porridge = Awesome

The weather here has suddenly gotten much colder, taking most of us by surprise, myself included. Yesterday was especially horrible; anticipating summery weather, I had dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, only to be faced with chilling winds and freezing temperatures. Consequently, I’m sick.

This is what I would be like if I were a stock photo model.

Thankfully I’m not one of those people who get sick very often, but when I do, all hell breaks loose and I end up with an aching body even days or weeks after the initial bout of flu. And if there’s anything we all have in common, it’s that when we’re sick, we want our mommies. Boooooo.

Whenever I was sick, my mother would always make me porridge, a la Koreana. Ergo, I want porridge. Bahh. I’ve never made porridge before though, so I’ve been Googling around, looking for recipes. I have a couple that I am going to try (including chicken breast porridge, vegetable porridge, and chicken breast AND vegetable porridge), so I should have an article about that some time soon. Before I do that though, do any of you readers have any great (and easy) porridge recipes for me to try? 🙂

Stay healthy and warm everybody!

Signing off,


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