Mama’s Cooking

Lately as I’ve been getting sick of microwaved meals and super bland spaghetti, I’ve been craving my mum’s cooking more and more. While I lived with my parents, we used to have rice with side dishes (반찬, or ban-chan) for every dinner. I remember having complained so much about “all these carbs”. And now I miss it. Boohoo.

So I emailed my mum, asking her for recipes of these side dishes that I didn’t even have the names to. The majority of the email was me asking her how to make “that thing with the ham and the eggs and you fry it”. Thankfully my mum and I understand each other pretty well most of the time so she knew exactly what I was talking about. Hurrah! I got the recipes for two of my favourite side dishes from her.

So I’m pretty excited to go grocery shopping this weekend! As soon as I have the necessary ingredients (or ANY ingredients, as my fridge is looking pretty barren lately), I will be cooking and snapping lots of shots for you all! Hopefully I will have a blog post on these by Monday 🙂

Sorry about the lack of pictures on this blog post, but I’ll remedy that next time!

Signing off,


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