Ham Egg Banchan – FAIL

I decided that for dinner the other day, I would attempt another one of my mother’s banchan recipes. Sliced up ham dipped in whisked eggs and fried! Sounds delicious, no? I found a picture of what it sort of looks like on the web…

I remember as a child this used to be one of my favourite side dishes. So when I went grocery shopping last weekend, I tried to follow my mum’s advice and looked for “cheap, pink looking ham”. Problem is, “ham” in Korean can also refer to large sausages. Guess who got confused and bought wieners instead? Yours truly. And unfortunately these weren’t regular wieners either. These were pickled wieners, though I didn’t know it at the time. It certainly didn’t say so on the bucket, and I hadn’t even known that these monstrosities existed. I thought it was just…preserving juices? Actually in hindsight I’m not sure what I thought they were.

So with my bucket of pickled wieners, I set about with making the banchan. Everything actually looked good for a while; there was a small hiccup in which I sliced the sausages a little too thickly, but that was easily remedied. When I was done cooking, it all looked really delicious. So imagine my complete and utter dismay when I sat down and bit into one…to be rewarded with an oral explosion of vinegar. Eugh!

After a little bit of research, I figured out what went wrong. Feeling super sad, I didn’t want to waste food so I forced myself to eat the whole platter of these disgusting…things. After the meal, I felt like my entire tongue had been dipped in bleach. Good thing was my tongue was getting so numb that by the time I was almost done, I couldn’t taste the vinegar anymore. I could still smell it though.

So now I have an entire bucket, three quarters full with disgusting picked sausages. What on earth am I supposed to do with them?

(Sorry for the wordy post; however, you all will be rewarded Monday with lots of pictures! Promise!)

Signing off,


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