Bloomington’s Farmer Market – Fall Edition

Last Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market again. Except now that we were really into fall and the weather was getting chillier, there was a definite fall-like atmosphere to the place. Also, there was this collaboration thing with BEAD (Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District) going on, so there were some stalls by local artists (of which we have many here) which was very interesting. Lots of fun and cute little handmade crafts!

Lots of fall themed decor on sale, like this pumpkin floral arrangement. I really wanted to buy one of the smaller ones but even the smaller ones were quite hefty looking…not to mention I was low on cash.

Close-up of flowers!

There were gorgeous fall wreaths on sale as well, except I didn’t really have anywhere to hang them so…scrap that idea as well then.

Some photos of artist stalls selling handmade crafts…

Knitted children…?

Chicken pincushions/paperweights/doorstops. Got one for my mum because she collects anything to do with chickens 🙂

Various gourd crafts

Sock Monkeys!

Creepy Halloween creations

In addition to the pincushion/paperweight/doorstop chicken, I purchased a large hunk of delicious garlic and dill cheese (that tasted great as a grilled cheese sandwich!) and a $1 pot of wheatgrass. I’ve heard a lot about the beneficial properties of eating wheatgrass, so I wanted to try. Unfortunately though it’s apparently an acquired taste so…we’ll see how that goes eventually 🙂

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