Cooking with Friends

I think the best part of cooking is doing it with friends, and then eating the delicious outcomes together afterwards. I live with two good friends of mine, and for the past couple of months, we were all so busy doing our own things that we had never actually sat down for a home-cooked meal together! But yesterday, we found ourselves all at home, on a Sunday evening, with not much to do. So, food!

It might not look like much but to us starving broke college students, this was quite literally a feast. I made the broccoli and shrimp garlic thing (link to recipe here), Roommate A made the chicken teriyaki (hopefully I’ll get a recipe up for that some time soon), and Roommate B who doesn’t really cook and eats raw vegetables and fruits all the time provided the carrots and dried apples. The dried apples were surprisingly good 🙂

If only our busy schedules would permit, I would love to cook and eat with friends more often. One of the best things about food, I think.

Signing off,


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