Super Spaghetti Sauce

You can tell by the title that I really have a thing for alliterations, haha. Anyway, I think I may have complained on my blog some time ago about my dislike (to put it mildly) for horrible bland store bought spaghetti sauce that I sometimes am forced to buy because I have no time/good recipe to make the real thing. Fortunately for me, my mum had a super awesome spaghetti sauce recipe that she texted to me (if you’re reading this, I love you mum :D)

So here is the recipe…

Things you’ll need
-Minced beef
-Half an onion
-Any coloured pepper (I chose red)
-Sliced button mushrooms
-About 10 cloves of garlic
-Tomato sauce (the ones you can get for real cheap in a can)
-Hot sauce (I used Tabasco)
-Olive oil

Colourful peppers!

1. Defrost your minced beef, and plop it all in a mixing bowl. Marinate the whole thing with your chopped up garlic, salt, and course pepper.
2. After leaving the meat mixture to marinate for about 20 minutes, heat up a pot with some olive oil in it. Add the meat mixture and cook.
3. Once the meat is completely cooked, add the chopped up onion, pepper, and mushrooms. Cook those as well.
4. Once everything in completely cooked, add the tomato sauce. And then add some water, about half the amount of tomato sauce you just added.
5. Boil everything! Once the pot is merrily boiling along, add about 3.5 tablespoons of sugar, and then salt and pepper to taste. Also add a small splash of hot sauce for the extra zing.
6. Careful as the sauce might start spluttering all over you! If you have a lid for your pot, great. If not, just stir continuously and hope that you don’t get a third degree burn like I did.
7. Once the whole sauce has been boiling for a while (about 10 minutes), you can turn off the heat now.
8. Serve! And if you aren’t going to eat all the sauce right away, put it away in single serving sized zip-lock bags and store them in the freezer. That way when you want to eat it some other time, you can just defrost single servings of spaghetti sauce.

And the tada moment…

Deliciousness! Just add some grated parmesan cheese over the top, and a little bit of basil from the windowsill garden…and yay! In addition to peppers, you can also add carrots or peas. I would have, except I had forgotten to buy some. Boo.

Considering this was my first time trying out this recipe, I was surprised at how good it turned out to be! Yum! It took a while getting all the ingredients ready (cutting up all the vegetables and waiting for the meat to defrost), but it was super easy and definitely worth it in the end.

Signing off,


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