Korea 2013 Winter Trip – Part 1

So I’m finally back in Bloomington where I have awesome internet access to my laptop. Hurrah! Now I can start blogging about my winter adventures in Korea 😀 But first I want to ask other bloggers out there; what’s a good theme to use for WordPress? No matter what theme I use, it always feels so strange and doesn’t really fit what I’m looking for. Thanks!

Anyway, the first couple of days in Korea were pretty uneventful. I got my LASIK surgery done during the second day there, so I was forced to wear these huge ridiculous looking sunglasses for the first few days. As per tradition, we went to Bongunsa Temple, and there was still some snow around, despite the fact that it hadn’t actually snowed for a few days. It was so much different from going there in the summer; everything was so much more still and quiet, and even the pond had frozen over.


Note that a few days after I took this picture, there was a HUGE fall of snow all over the entire Korean peninsula. I should have come after all the snow had come; it would have made for some really nice wintery pictures. But it still looks really cold doesn’t it?

For dinner, we went to this place called “Bulgoggi Brothers”. Apparently the owner of this franchise used to be the head chef at some 5 Star Korean hotel, who then was regional CEO of Outback Steakhouse, before he sold all his shares and opened up his own company specializing in bulgoggi. Compared to prices of other bulgoggi places in Korea, it’s actually quite expensive, but they’ve opened up chains in foreign countries (like Malaysia), where they have rave reviews. For the cost, they have a really nice atmosphere, great tasting bulgoggi, and great service. Here’s a picture of the bulgoggi pan/pot/cooking surface:


Sorry about the poor picture quality; it was a little bit dark inside the restaurant. Ambient lighting, yay.

It’s funny how much people in Korea are using the whole Gangnam Style thing as a marketing advantage. Everywhere in Gangnam, we see these small “dancing platforms” where tourists can pose in front of a giant cutout of Psy or the texts “Gangnam Style”. There are stores called Gangnam Style, and even socks. Wow.


Oppan Gangnam Style!

Signing off,


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