Korea 2013 Winter Trip – Part 2

Cat cafes have been all the rage recently in Korea and parts of Japan, and like every other female human obsessed with small furry things, I was determined to go to said cat cafe. So off I dragged my (unfortunate) parents to Myungdong one day, where we had no difficulty finding one; there was a man dressed up in a cat mascot suit, holding up a sign that basically screamed “CAT CAFE” to all the tourists walking about.
Called “고양이 다락방” (Cat Attic), this cat cafe was located (as the name suggests) at the top floor of one of the buildings in crowded Myungdong. After climbing up 5 flights of stairs, we were made to clean our hands with sanitizing alcohol before paying 8000 Won (about $7.50) each for an “entrance fee” as well as a free complimentary hot beverage. Yum! The cats were initially very…unfriendly. They basically ignored our pettings and wandered on their way. But then…
There were these cat treats (imported from Japan) being sold at the front counter for 3000 Won (about $2.80) each, and I figured why not, and purchased one. The moment the owner cut open the wrapper in half, a slightly pleasant fishy smell wafted across the entire place, and the cats started coming. One by one, they mewed and climbed all over me, eager to get to the snacks…but I was smarter than that. That tiny package lasted me a good hour as I tore tiny tiny chunks off with my fingers to entice these furry creatures 😀
Oh no you don’t!
Grumpy cat is grumpy.

Signing off,


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