Korea 2013 Winter Trip – Part 4

Every time we go to Korea, we always end up visiting Samcheong-dong, which was where my dad grew up as a child. Though it used to be one of the poorer districts in Seoul back then, now it’s one of the trendier places with cute cafes and clothing stores. It is also home to the President of Korea, which means tight security, which in turn means high real estate costs.
We went to this small but cosy Tonkatsu place for lunch, located above a flight of narrow staircases decorated with paintings (or portraits I suppose) of animals. The owner of the restaurant apparently had Japanese cuisine training, and the small room was packed with people. The nice part of this restaurant was that there was a large window that dominated one wall, and we could see the roofs of all the surrounding hanok houses, covered with white snow.
I had the Chicken-Tonkatsu, which cost 9000Won, and it was delicious! Tasty warm cheese oozed out of the fillets which were neither too dry nor too greasy, which is a difficult combination to achieve (in my experience at least). The soup that came out with the meal was a warm haven from the freezing cold.
After a short walk about town, with my dad pointing out where his old house is and things like that, we were feeling peckish again, mostly from the cold. So we went to one of the many cafes in the area and had a waffle with some hot chocolate/coffee drinks. Apparently there is a “waffle craze” going on in Samcheong-dong, with people going “waffle-hopping” with the various cafes and restaurants in the area. This one waffle filled the three of us up a lot though, so I don’t see how it’s possible to eat more than one in one go!

Signing off,


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