Korea 2013 Winter Trip – Part 6

Back after a long break to continue blogging about my trip to Korea!

When we last left off, my family and I were at Yang Yang County, and had just visited Hajodae Pavillion. We then drove along the coast, taking more photos…
More picturesque cliffs.
A very friendly Octopus with directions to local landmarks.

Feeling a little bit peckish now, we decided to get some fresh seafood. Unfortunately, because it was down-season (I mean, let’s be honest; beaches aren’t too appealing during the winter), most of the restaurants were completely empty, and we had a difficult time choosing where to eat. When we did finally decide on a restaurant, we were the only customers the whole night.
Various “appetizers”, including jeon (전: basically Korean-style pancakes).
Raw sea-cucumbers. They were very salty, and definitely an acquired taste. Not one of my favourites, but my dad devoured them. You have to eat these as soon as they are served though, because after a while they get very hard and chewy.
A whole platter full of Korean-style sashimi, or hwe (회)! This, I liked. A LOT.
Happy mummy and me, with our delicious dinner!

The next day, we went to the beach. Because we were at the beach pretty late in the day during our first day in Yang Yang, the morning view was much clearer…

The next blog post will be about our trip to Seoraksan, a UNESCO-designated treasure! Stay tuned for more!

Signing off,


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