New York 2013 Spring Trip – Part 1

Hello everybody! I’m in New York now! This is actually my second trip to New York (my first one was before I started this blog), and since I already did most of the touristy things my first time round (went to the Empire States Building, rode a ferry around the Statue of Liberty, et cetera…), I wanted to make this second trip less-touristy as possible.
I was fortunate enough to have a friend who let me stay in his wonderfully located apartment. It’s not anywhere near Times Square, but located on Amsterdam Avenue, between 84th and 85th Street, it’s within a short subway ride to most of the places I want to go, and the fact that a lot of young families live here makes it very safe. Anyway, enough rambling. On to Day 1…

My friend was sort of busy so that gave me the option of going out to get brunch on my own. I opted for something close to home base, so I ended up going to AG Bistro, located on the intersection of 85th Street and Columbus Ave. It was a cozy little establishment, and I was surprised with how much BIGGER it was on the inside. It wasn’t too busy when I went in, so I got to sit at a nice little window seat, with my sparkling water and Country Style Brunch.
The flower is a nice touch! The service was wonderful, and my server looked a little bit like a younger Tony Stark from Iron Man…without any of the arrogance. Unfortunately, the food itself was a little lacking in flavour. Sure, it looks pretty, and it wasn’t particularly bad-tasting; it just wasn’t GOOD. Not bad, but not good.
The view was nice though and I got to enjoy it was a long time. Overall grade? B-.
It was then time for a short walk through Central Park to get to the Upper East neighbourhood. I walked past the reservoir (which is now decommissioned), which was bustling with all sorts of people jogging and running, in spite of the nippy weather. But thanks to the “clockwise rule”, it was very orderly.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art will be next! See you soon!

Signing off,


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