New York 2013 Spring Trip – Part 2

As promised, this post will be about my trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
The Metropolitan Museum reminded me very much of the London National Gallery, both in terms of architectural design and size (click here for my trip to the National Gallery in 2012). Big white facade with thick columns, and large airy interiors with lots of glass everywhere that let in natural light. Unlike the London National Gallery though, I was allowed to take pictures inside the Met. Hurrah!
I met Voldemort! No, but seriously…doesn’t the bust look remarkably similar?
For some reason this Indonesian body mask reminded me of my brother. I sent him a text with my thoughts. Needless to say, he was not impressed/humored.
This stained glass window art was one of my favourite pieces in the exhibitions. Depicting an engagement ceremony, the details are AMAZING. Let’s see…
Zoomed in, we can see the amazing artwork. It’s hard to imagine that this is all done ON GLASS. Heck, I would give anything to be able to draw like that…
For those of you that don’t know, I am a piano performance major, so I was super enthused to discover that the museum had a small section dedicated to musical instruments! I mean, it was a pretty small section, but the things that they had displayed there! For example, this is a pipe organ that was built in 1830 by famous Boston craftsman Thomas Appleton. The pipes are gold-plated! Fancy.
Another one of my favourite pieces, a statue of Diana, goddess of the hunt. It was intended to be a weathervane for the tower of Madison Square (now demolished). Apparently it stirred up quite a storm as people were “offended” by the nudity.
Of course, no museum is complete without a sizable Egyptian collection. Lo and behold…the Temple of Dendur! Really, this photograph does not do this exhibition justice. The ceiling is unbelievably tall, with a sloped wall of glass dominating one side, letting in natural light. Apparently the water around the temple is supposed to reflect the positioning of the Nile, and there are small statues of crocodiles.

The one thing I really like about the Metropolitan Museum of Art was that there was a LOT of American Art. Compared to the larger art museums I have been to, at least. And that’s probably because they were all in Europe. But I was not aware that there was such a large culture of “classical” American art! Definitely an eye-opening experience.

Next time, we’ll be documenting my meanderings around the various neighbourhoods of Manhattan!

Signing off,


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