New York 2013 Spring Trip – Part 3

Sorry about the delay between posts; I was really sick for about a week after I got back from New York (too much fun?) and I spent the next week getting caught up with school and stuff. Anyway, enough with the excuses…on with the adventure!
If you’ve watched the romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail”, you probably recognize this place. For those who haven’t (myself included actually, haha), this is Cafe Lalo, one of the most famous little eateries in New York. Located a convenient 3 minutes walk from my friend’s apartment, it was a nice quaint little place to have brunch and desserts. During my stay, I went twice, though I wish I had more time to explore every single item on the menu.
Every single one of their coffee drinks come served in adorable little cups with a mini thing of Toblerone on the side. I found that if you take a bite of the chocolate and then take a sip of the coffee, the chocolate melts with the coffee..mmm. Not sure if that’s what they intended but good grief was it good.
This decadent little monstrosity is the Authentic Belgian Waffle…”Served with your choice of plain yogurt, plain or cinnamon whipped cream, seasonal fruits or strawberries and pure Vermont Maple syrup. Also available in Whole Wheat or Gluten-Free Pecan, hazelnut or macadamia.” My first go, I had it with seasonal fruits, which was delicious but not as delicious as strawberries…which I had on my second time round. Here it is…
Yum! But be prepared to shell out the big bucks folks…this all (including tip) cost me approximately $22. Yelp! Also, the place gets really busy in the afternoons to late evenings, thanks to its decadent selection of “after-movie” desserts, so you might want to check before you go there. No reservations accepted.

Next, we’ll be off to Union Square for some bibliophilic goodness!

Signing off,


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