New York 2013 Spring Trip – Part 5

And so begins our Museum Mile Madness…

I had an entire day to myself, and in my touristy giddiness, decided to walk as far up 5th Avenue as I could. Which ended up being quite a long way actually. I started out from the Times Square station, walked over to 5th Avenue, and walked up all the way to 110th Street! By the end of the day, both my feet were horribly blistered and in pain, but you can tag along with me on my adventure in the relative comfort of your homes. Or offices. Or wherever it is that you’re reading this.

I stopped by at Le Pain Quotidien for a quick and delicious (and EXPENSIVE) brunch: a delicious latte and a delicious waffle with some fruits on top. You know a waffle is really good when you don’t even need syrup for it to be sweet!
Our first real stop was the Rockefeller Center. As a toy enthusiast, one of the places I had to visit was the famous LEGO Store. There were a lot of creative and super intricate LEGO installations in the store, such as this miniature version of the Rockefeller Plaza…
Who’s that on top of the building…?
Na na na na na na na na LEGO Batman!
And here’s the real building. There were way too many people there, so I couldn’t really get a good spot to take a good picture of the ice rink and the building. Boo.
It was almost Easter, so the nearby artisan chocolate store was overfilled with tourists taking pictures of their beautiful Easter chocs. The annoyance of the store workers was obvious, as there were way too many people just taking pictures inside the store and not buying anything…myself included. But hey, I’m a tourist! No shame in that 🙂
Indulging in my toy obsession again, I stopped by at the FAO Schwarz toy store, a gargantuan homage to all that is toys and dolls and games and whatnot. I have to admit though, I was a little more than annoyed at their not-so-evident system of organization. It’s kind of hard to immediately find what you’re interested in, unless you actually want to go through every single shelf. Not that I’m against that, but still. I imagine I would have been more annoyed if I had actually come here with a toy or present in mind for somebody.
And now we’ve zipped up to the Guggenheim! It was closed when I got there (nooooo!) but the museum store was still open, so I got to look through all their nifty little museum gifts. I need to plan my visits better.

Also, I didn’t get to take any pictures, but I also got to stop by at the Neue Galerie on 86th Street. It’s a museum dedicated to the art of early 20th century German artists, including Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann, and my personal favourite, Gabriele Munter. “Landscape with White Wall”, by Munter is by far one of my favourite pieces of 20th century works…it’s so simple yet I could stare at it all day. Tickets are a bit on the pricey side, and the staff can be a little snobbish and obnoxious, but you do get a little audio thing that you can hang around your neck and listen to all the explanations of the installations, so there’s that.

Next stop was the Museum of the City of New York (or MCNY). It seemed a little on the “still-renovating” side, and there weren’t a lot of exhibits, but the tickets were cheap, the ladies at the front desk was nice, and the exhibition about city living was super interesting.
There were a lot of interesting models about “micro-units”…which is super interesting for me because I mean, space IS a big issue, especially in over-populated cities like New York, and some of the ingenious methods that architects have come up with to combat this problem were well, ingenious. Really interesting stuff there.
A rather anticlimactic end to our epic Museum Mile journey…I took a taxi back to Amsterdam Avenue soon afterwards, as I was way too tired to actually walk anywhere else. A very unhealthy yet satisfying dinner of greasy hamburger and dry French Fries as well. Noms were had.

Signing off,


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