New York 2013 Spring Trip – Part 6

I’m terrible at being consistent at uploading. HOWEVER! I am in Malaysia now for a short 3-week holiday, so hopefully I will have a lot more free time and material to keep up a steady stream of updates. Hurrah! For now though, let us just wrap up with my trip to New York (how long ago that seems now!).

Those of you who are familiar with the dessert scene in NY would probably well acquainted with Serendipity3. For those of you who aren’t, here is a video that basically outlines what it’s all about:

Or for the more budget-conscious who don’t want to spend $1000 on a frozen dessert, the alternative is a wide array of still-delicious and wallet-friendly desserts, including the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, “Big Apple” Pie, Creme DeLa Creme Cream Cheese Cake, and much more!
You might have to wait some time before you’re able to sit down here though; it’s always jam-packed, and there’s even a waiting list for people waiting outside. We were “fortunate enough” to only have had to wait 45 minutes or so. It’s very dark inside, but the interior is very quirkily decorated; there were plenty of dim stained glass lights, and it reminded me very much of Tim Burton’s remake of the film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. They also had numerous dessert-related products on sale in the front half of the cafe (which was much better lit).
Speaking of desserts, another famous dessert place in NY is Laduree, a delicious and exorbitantly expensive macaron place, located on the Upper East side of Manhattan. Much like Serendipity3, there is a line outside Laduree, though since it’s not a sit-in-and-eat place, the line moves much more quickly.
An authentically French experience, even the workers there are French. Either that, or they have a really really convincing French accent. The clientele, however, is not; the majority of them are wealthy Asian tourists. Go figure. I felt a little conspicuous waiting in line among all the blinged out people, in my old black coat and bright red school-backpack that I carry around everywhere.
But the love of delicious desserts is universal! And the experience was lovely too. You got to even choose the colour of your little box; light pink or light green. Cute.

Next time, I’ll be uploading with some of my Malaysian experiences! I think my 40+ hour trip is worth talking about as well.

Signing off,


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