Malaysian Munchies : Local Cuisine

In addition to having the best of international cuisine, there are lots of places that offer the traditional Malay foods. By traditional Malay foods, I’m referring to actual Malay foods; not Chinese Malay, and not Indian Malay. Most of these restaurants cater to the local population, so they’re a lot cheaper than other places as well.
The restaurant we went to didn’t really have a name, which is a practice that’s quite common in the kampung areas, or countrysides. The restaurant is an outside area, usually right in front of or next to the owner’s own home. We get to grab a plate, and basically put whatever we want on our plates, buffet-style.
Here, we have a plate of rice, sweet potato curry, seafood with coconut milk curry, and some vegetables. The vegetables were also a little spicy like the curries, so we were really thankful for our nice cool drinks at that point.
We also got the eggplant (again, a little spicy), some beanstalks, and the salty egg. Note salty, as opposed to salted. It’s probably about 70% salt, and 30% egg, so whenever you eat something like this, what you want to do is cut off a tiny little smidgeon, and have that simultaneously with a generous helping of rice.
There were a couple of little kittens sleeping in the sun around the restaurant. Adorable! Local restaurants like this usually have the occasional animal roaming around, so if you aren’t so keen on that, you’ve been warned.

Next time I’ll be blogging about my 3-day trip to Singapore!

Signing off,


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