Singapore 2013 – Part 2

Apologies for the long time between updates! Summer session has started for me, which means less time for me to blog. But before I make this entire post about me apologizing, let me continue our journey to Singapore…
The Merlion statue looks a lot less terrifying in the morning. It’s directly across the 3 lane road in front of our hotel, which we had to cross to get to the theme park.
There were lots of cheery little sculptures in the resort plaza area. This is where one of the monorail stops were, and there were plenty of little booths selling touristy trinkets and batik sarongs (dresses that you wrap around) for visitors.
I was actually really thrilled to see that this fountain “Lake of Dreams” was still here. This was here since the FIRST TIME I visited Singapore, years and years ago, as just a little baby. I guess part of me was relieved that they weren’t just tearing down all the old stuff to make space for the new swanky attractions.
And here we are at Universal Studios Singapore! The entrance price was quite expensive, as most of them are nowadays, but you CAN get special discounts depending on the type of credit card you use, so be sure to ask. Also, sometimes they will have promotions with hotels, so definitely check ahead on that as well.
There are several “zones” in the theme park, this one being Hollywood. Some of the other zones include “Madagascar”, “The Lost World” (featuring Jurassic Park themed rides!), and something about robots. There was also a castle-themed area, with theme park workers dressed as the various characters from Shrek.
And yes, that IS Shrek’s outdoor loo in the left-hand corner.
As with all other Universal Studios, they had a Waterworld themed show, complete with people diving into the water from jet-skis and huge explosions. I saw the same show in the theme park in Japan, and it was basically identical.
And then there was this montrosity…I can’t actually remember what the ride itself was called, but it was based off Battlestar Galactica. You could choose to ride on either the blue (human) track, or the red (cylon) track. Normally I don’t get nauseous after riding these sort of things, but this one really got me good. The blue track had lots of flips and turns, so definitely not for the weak-hearted.
Oh em gee! It’s the Beach Boys!…not. But they were really good!
And one last photo of the Shrek castle from across the giant lake in the middle of the park.

Signing off,


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