Singapore 2013 – Part 3, Ku De Ta Restaurant Review

Last day in Singapore! We decided to finish our trip off with a bang, and went for a swanky fancy dinner at the Ku De Ta restaurant, located on floor 57 of the Marina Bay Sands Resort. There is a dress code, and it does get full most nights, so I highly recommend that you make a reservation beforehand (not too difficult; either call or talk to the person at the lobby entrance) if you want to go.


It was very dark inside, which made photography very difficult, but the ambiance was really nice. Although there are families there, it’s more of a “get together with co-workers or dates” sort of place, as the portion sizes are quite small for the price, but the wines and drinks are fabulous. Very glitzy, very fancy schmancy.


Also, VERY expensive. Though it might not seem so from the menu, the portion sizes weren’t very generous. So what we did was to order a bunch of dishes, and share. Everything was extraordinarily delicious though, I have to say. Probably one of the best culinary experiences I’ve had in my short (?) 20 years or so.


All the servers were very nice and polite, and the presentation of the dishes were immaculate. I personally don’t drink so I passed on the wines, but from what the rest of my family told me, everything was really good. Still expensive.


And here are photos of the rest of the dishes from the evening…



In order of appearance…
California roll with yuzu mayonnaise, alaskan crab, avocado, cucumber (S$22)
Salmon sashimi with creme fraiche, yuzu koshu, uni powder (S$24)
US prime ‘brandt beef’ rib eye with braised red onion, coriander butter (S$49)
Crispy-sticky baby squid with black pepper and lime drizzle (?)
Roast duck breast with hakusai greens, aged balsamic, mirin (S$48)
Salt cured black tiger prawn with jellyfish, garlic, yuzu (?)

All in all, quite pricey, and servings are quite tiny, but extraordinarily delicious. You can tell they used super fresh, high-quality ingredients…the roe on the California rolls were so fresh and firm, that you could hear them popping as you bit into them. And the rib eye was so good that we ended up ordering two servings.

Hopefully I will be able to have another delightfully fancy culinary experience like this again some time. Again, expensive, but the finer things in life are DEFINITELY worth paying more for.

Signing off,


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