Gen Con Indy 2013!

I am back from Gen Con Indy, and finally recovered and well-rested, just in time for classes to begin! Yay? Anyway, here commenceth our Gen Con coverage!


From August 15th to the 17th is Gen Con, which if you don’t know what it is, is “the original, longest-running, best-attended, gaming convention in the world!” Not only does the convention feature table-top games, they also have video games, role playing games, and niche games developed by independent developers.


Not only is the event for gaming nerds though. The whole city of Indianapolis gets a piece of the action, and it’s estimated that this event brought approximately $4 million in tourism revenue to the city! People often fly in out of state for this, so I guess I’m really lucky in that I only had to drive about an hour north from Btown.


One of my favourite parts of the whole event is seeing people come dressed up in awesome costumes. We had people dress up as characters from Dr. Who, Harry Potter, and other pop culture icons, as well as more “nerdy” costumes such as Deadpool (I think I saw about 20 different Deadpools during the event) and video game characters from the 90’s. I only really had time to go with my brainslug+anime girl outfit, but hopefully I will be more prepared next time!


We also did some other things in Indy as well. The zoo was a lot of fun, and the weather was nice enough that nobody passed out from heatstroke (which is always good). There was a dolphin show and a dog show as well which were a lot of fun to look at. And it was nice to see that the zoo was pushing for a more environmentally friendly image, including talks on recycling and preservation of endangered wildlife.


There was also an event called Warrior Dash going on. It was about an hour’s drive away from Indianapolis, and it was basically a crazy 5k run riddled with insane obstacles such as jumping over fire, swimming across a lake, climbing up rope things, and so on. All the proceeds go to St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I didn’t participate, but just watching them made me feel sore all over.

That’s all for this post! In continuation with our nerd theme, apparently Comic Con will be held in Indianapolis next March! Yay! I am definitely going to that, so come March, check out my blog to see the Comic Con coverage.

Signing off,


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