Rendezvous: A Weekend with the SCA

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been involving myself with a group called the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA for short. The last event that I blogged about was a relatively small event, and because I was a relatively new member at the time, there was so much that I was not familiar with and there weren’t a lot of people I knew. Boohoo.

The Gallery

However, I had a wicked good time at Rendezvous at the Bridge, which was a weekend-long event at the Lincoln State Park, IN. You can read more about the event at the official event homepage here.


It really helped this time around that my boyfriend was one of the heavy combat fighters as well as a super eager beaver, so by this point, we had already spent several weekends at the homes of some of the older members, working on various projects such as armor and dresses. Also, the Brotherhood, a sub-chapter of the Bloomington SCA group, who we were most involved in, are the most friendliest and helpful people I could ever think of. They did our best to make us feel completely at home when we had project days and at the event itself.


Of course, with the full name of the event being “Rendezvous at the Bridge”, a large part of the daily fighting was dedicated to simulated bridge fights. And no, these are not choreographed in any way; even with the blunted weapons, this is actual fighting, and without the armors that the fighters were wearing, there probably would have been several things broken very very badly.


Apart from the bridge fights, there were several tourneys, including the William Marshall Tourney, the Torchlight Tourney, and the Novice Tourney. Don’t let the name “Novice” Tourney fool you though; the fights were every bit as fierce and (to me) frightening to watch.


While the boys were busy beating away at each other with rattan sticks, us ladies decided to sojourn to some of the more picturesque parts of the park for some photos. After all, what good is spending almost hundreds of hours making by hand our beautiful dresses if we can’t immortalize them through photographs?


Here are some ladies showing off their beautifully braided period hairstyles…my hair is still unfortunately too short for anything pretty. Hopefully my hair will be long enough for fanciness by the next event!


And of course, all that fighting is sure to work up an appetite. The Brotherhood had decided that we would each bring something to heat up at the bonfire/grill and have our own Feast; we had venison, at least 3 different types of thick hot stew, duck, roast, beef, and a bunch of desserts and sweet things…a very satisfying and delicious end to a very long and exciting weekend.

Signing off,


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