Korean Cooking: Bulgogi

Ever since I got hooked onto Pinterest (here‘s my board if any of you chums feel like following me there!), my interest in Korean food has grown. Usually I’m more of an Italian/Japanese/non-Korean food person, but looking at all the pictures of delicious, mouth-watering Korean food made me crave the kind of foods that my mother used to make for me when I was growing up. So! I’ve decided to start cooking Korean food, something which I thought would be impossibly difficult, since I am terrible in the kitchen, and Korean food requires so much preparation.


As the title of this post implies, I decided to go ahead first with some bulgogi (불고기)! I found this recipe here, which seemed to be the most similar to my mum’s recipe, and the simplest. I would rewrite the recipe here for any lazy bums out there, but the formatting on WordPress really isn’t the best, so I’m not going to attempt that at the moment. Whatever.


Unfortunately for me, the Korean grocery store was closed by the time I went out to get my ingredients, so I ended up having to get my beef at Kroger. I chose the sirloin bit, and since they didn’t have the machinery needed to slice the meat into paper-thin slices, I had them “fillet” the meat as thinly as they could…which wasn’t all that thin. But I marinated the meat in the sauce for about twice as long as stated on the recipe, so it balanced out in the end. Also, since the meat chunks were super thick, it ended up being more like marinated beef barbecue (양념갈비), but with the taste of bulgogi.


And the reveal! I had about 4 large servings of bulgogi with the recipe (I used about 1.48lbs of sirloin), which I stored by refrigerating them in a large bowl with foil wrapped around the top. Don’t make the same mistake as I did, and get actual beef cuts at an Asian supermarket (or somewhere with the right machinery!); it doesn’t affect the taste so much, but it wasn’t EXACTLY bulgogi. Oh well. Trial and error, everybody, trial and error. Delicious trial and error.

Signing off,


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