Musgrave Orchard and Apple Cider

When you think of autumn, there are a number of things that come to mind: pumpkins, orange, leaves, apple cider, Thanksgiving… In order to sate my annual “fall binge”, we decided to take a day trip to the local Musgrave Orchard, located about a 10 minute’s drive away from where I live in Bloomington.


Having grown up in Malaysia where, not surprisingly, there aren’t any apple orchards, this was a new experience for me! I know it sounds really strange when I say that going to buy apple cider was an “experience”, but I had never even seen an apple grove before, so I was pretty darn excited.


According to this government website, the orchard was founded in 1930, which makes this place ridiculously ancient for an apple orchard (in my opinion). The place has aged well overall though, with a liberal Bloomington atmosphere helping it with its smooth transition to agritourism. The cider from this orchard has won the award for Best Apple Cider here several years in a row as well.


In addition to selling their famous apple cider (freshly pressed weekly!), they also sold these delicious beet and pumpkin flavored donuts. Beet flavored donuts?, you ask. I know; I had my doubts at first as well, but these were probably the most delicious donuts that I have ever had (without feeling like DIABETES).


They also had adorable little gifts for sale, such as organic soaps and candles. Some of the vendor names I recognized from my frequent trips to the weekend Farmers’ Markets. I especially loved the apple-shaped pot holders that were on sale; I did find a similar pattern on Pinterest though, so I may just make my own.

Here’s to hoping everybody else has been having a FALLtastic autumn…see what I did there? Hurrah for terrible seasonal puns.

Signing off,


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