Completed Project: Cross Stitch Wifi Decor

I mentioned in a previous post on my other blog that I was working on a soon-to-be-complete project. The moment of unveiling has come! Drumroll please…


Yay! Inspired by another work that I found on Pinterest, I had to draw up the pattern for it by myself, which was no small feat, considering the not-microscopically-zoomed-in photograph that I had to work with. But it was done, and now I just need to find a frame for it to hang it in. Somewhere above my already cluttered workstation, probably.

I’ve decided to upload the pattern here in Excel form for anybody who would like to make the same thing. This was my first time writing up a pattern for anything, so bear in mind that it might be a little different looking from my final completed product. Feel free to alter it however you like! 🙂

Automatic Wifi Pattern

Once I have found a suitable (and cheap) frame, I will update with a picture. Have fun! 🙂


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