2014!…and the Christmas Season

If you had been reading my blog for a while, you would have known that around the same time last year, I had gotten really sick with a case of Norovirus (blog post here for those who didn’t read it). Like some sort of crazy ancient Egyptian curse, I have been sick AGAIN for the last couple of days! Thankfully, it is just the average flu and not the insanity that was Noro, but I have been feeling very under the weather, and was stuck home all week. Boohoo.


Thankfully, I have my loving extended family here in Seattle WA to keep me company! My mother and my brother came to meet up with me here as well, so we got to do all the Christmas festivities, such as decorating the tree (well, that was mostly me but…), having our delicious Christmas turkey dinner, and bonding over card games (“bonding”…as in yelling at each other. Haha. Family love.)


Of course, it was also my mother’s birthday the day after Christmas, so we got to celebrate that as well with some delicious cake! Om nom nom. Tis the season for eating, everybody.

I hope everybody is doing well, and don’t forget to get your flu shots (like me) and get sick (like me)! Hope 2013 was a blast for you all; I know it definitely was for me. 🙂

Hope to see more of you guys in 2014!

Signing off,

P.S.: I will be posting some cool updates about my trip to some WA locations soon, so stay tuned for those!


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