Snoqualmie Falls, WA

I mentioned in my last post that I was spending my Christmas break at my aunt’s house in Seattle, WA. This Christmas, for some completely random reason, we decided to go to the Snoqualmie Falls for a festive (?) little hike!


Since it was drizzling as well a bit when we got there, the view from the top of the falls (or the entrance of the park) wasn’t very…clear at all. In fact, even though the falls were only a couple of feet in front of us, we couldn’t see anything! Just the roar of the water thundering down very close to us.


The hike down was very steep, and damp, but very pretty. There were plenty of huge trees draped with moss lining the path on both sides, as well as lots of signs with information on the various flora and their uses in the Native Indian life. Of course, there were also signs telling us not to feed the animals like this, not that I would EVER be caught trying to feed a wild black bear or mountain lion.


At the bottom was the giant water-to-electricity converting…thing. For some reason, I thought that the giant green tubes were crazy water slides of doom. Not exactly. There were some old penstocks (the metal round bits that created the skeleton of the tube things) that we could look at as well.


When falling, remember that points are given based on artistic performance and grace of execution!


At the bottom of the wooden walkway, we were able to get up close and (sort of) personal with the river. Thanks to the constantly rainy weather here in Seattle, the river was raging with a frightening ferocity. The waterfall was very loud and wet as well. We couldn’t get too close to it (obviously), but it was pretty in a sort of majestic awe-inspiring way.


I will be flying back to Indiana this weekend! Hope everybody has been having a good couple of days into 2014 so far. See you soon!

Signing off,


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