Paarthurnax Goes to the Vet!

Today, I finally got to take my pet tortoise Paarthurnax to the vet for the first time since getting him back in December!


He was very confused as to where we were at first, but it didn’t take very long for him to get comfortable enough to start pooping everywhere…which was a good thing, because I had forgotten to collect a stool sample for his fecal exam. D’oh!

We got some measurements, and the vet checked him out as being one of the best-cared-for tortoises that she had seen so far. Yay! But at the same time, that made me a little sad because then I thought of all the poor tortoises out there with owners who have no idea what they are doing. I am lucky in that my significant other is a veterinary technician, so I have a lot of guidance on how to take care of an “exotic” correctly.

Behold, my marvelous drawing skills for the measurements:

tortoise measurements

Paarthurnax measured a healthy:
12cm from the top tip of the plastron to the bottom tip of his shell,
26cm around the widest part,
and 364 grams!

He did have a case of worms (most likely from the pet store), but that is easily taken care of with oral medication. He hates it though, so I have to be all sneaky-like and basically fill the hollow bits of his favourite Romaine lettuce with it, hehe.

Time to go give him a bath!

Signing off,


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