“East” Europe 2014 Trip – Český Krumlov, Czech Rep.

It seems like a terrible habit to be getting myself into, but it has, once again, been far too long since I last posted. And for that, so sorry. Hopefully (but not likely) this won’t happen again. 😦


I left off last time with Prague, and our journey continues onto Český Krumlov, a small city located in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic (thanks, Wikipedia!). The older parts of the city is registered as a UNESCO World, to no wonder, as its picturesque location in the bend of the Vltava River offers many scenic spots.


The Český Krumlov Castle has a rather odd and ornate little tower, which I thought was quite adorable, actually. And the walls of the castle were painted to look like they were 3-dimensional, which was also really quite interesting.


The rest of the city is primarily composed of charming little alleyways and stores.


In the middle of the town square is a tall statue; according to our tour guide, it was constructed as a sort of thank-you from the townsfolk for having survived the Plague.


Bonus picture of the Vltava river!

Signing off,


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