“East” Europe 2014 – Salzkammergut, Austria

From Salzburg, our next stop was Salzkammergut, a resort area with the name that literally means “Estate of the Salt Chamber”. Another UNESCO Heritage Site, it became an important part of the Habsburg Monarchy for its salt mines. Now, it’s a beautiful resort town, with a gorgeous lake and beautiful mountains.


Upon getting off our bus, we were greeted by a flock of swans and geese. But I’ve learned not to get too close to these avian devils in disguise. Vicious buggers.


We were then given some time to walk around the quaint and picturesque town. It is a rare thing to be able to find a resort town and UNESCO Heritage Site without the kitschy touristy feel.


The weather was perfect, and the view of the lake as we walked through the town on its shores was gorgeous.



There was even a little crafts and handmade goods store selling adorable figurines of chickens! (If you didn’t know, my mother collects everything to do with chickens).


After a while, we embarked on a short cruise of the lake in a tiny little ship. There was a pre-recorded voice in Korean playing throughout with information about various landmarks of the area…not that I paid much attention to that. I was too busy admiring the view and taking pictures.



After a lap around the lake, we got off to get on a cable car to the peak of one of the mountains in the area. The
Zwölferhorn is a 1522m tall mountain. There was a hiking trail as well, but…nope. Too much work involved to even consider that option. 😛


It was another short hike to get to the very peak of the mountain. However, the loose gravel path was not helpful.


There were people jumping off the side of the mountain with parachutes (?) as well. While it looked fun, it also looked amazingly scary.


After our venture onto the Zwölferhorn, it was time for lunch! We finally got to try Austria’s symbolic food, the schnitzel. It was like Japanese donkatsu, except made with veal cutlets. A little dry for my taste, but in the end, I was glad I got to try it.


And then on the bus again! Where to next? Stay tuned!


Signing off,


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