“East” Europe 2014 – Bled Castle and Lake, Slovenia

From the dark caves of Postojna, we then took a short bus ride to another popular tourist location in Slovenia – Bled.


The first place we visited was Bled Castle. Getting there required a little walking up quaint cobblestone paths. A little more dangerous than quaint in real life though, since all the little stones were wet from the constant drizzling of rain.


Bled Castle is a tiny little Medieval castle, said to be the oldest in Slovenia. The earliest mention of it is in 1011 in a deed issued to the Bishops of Brixen. While the castle itself is quite cute and adorable, the main feature is the view.


The castle has a fantastic view of Lake Bled, a glacial lake that has a beautiful blue hue. It’s a little less obvious in that picture, since the sky was so dark and gloomy, but it becomes more evident in later pictures when the weather cleared.


In the middle of the lake is Bled Island, a tiny island that houses a small church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, built near the end of the 17th century.


To get to Bled Island, we had to get on these little wooden boats that were manned by hunky local men.


We nicknamed our boatswain “Hercules”, for obvious reasons. He made it look so easy, but when one of the men in our tour group wanted to try, he could barely nudge the boat along an inch!


Once you approach the island, you are greeted with a tall set of stairs that lead up to the church and the (now) gift shop and coffee place. There is a local legend that if the bride manages to carry the groom up all the stairs on their wedding day, they will have a good marriage!


The Church was small and cute…and there was a steep entrance fee. Money that was better spent on delicious coffee and potica instead.


Potica is a Slovenian dessert, consisting of sweet yeast dough that is rolled out thinly, and spread with nut paste and honey. It is then rolled up in a delicious little nut roll that goes nicely with coffee and views of the crystal clear lake.


By now the weather had almost completely cleared, so we could see just how beautiful the blue waters of the lake was.





Bonus rainbow!

Signing off,


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