“East” Europe 2014 – Zagreb, Croatia

After the blissful quiet and calm seclusion of Lake Bled, we were rushed into the bustling metropolis, capital of the Republic of Croatia; Zagreb.


The first thing to greet us in the city was the Zagreb Cathedral. The Cathedral was first built in 1093, but what followed next was a long and rich history of being destroyed by various invading forces and earthquakes. The restoration after the earthquake, in late 19th century, resulted in the Neo-Gothic form it now sports. It was evidently still undergoing renovations and restorations when we were there.


In front of the Cathedral stands a column with a statue of Mary dedicated on top of it. I managed to take some really nice pictures of the column…


Yay for flattering lighting!


We then headed to a traditional market, where they sold everything from wood carvings and other touristy trinkets, to fresh local fruits and flowers.






I bought some delicious strawberries, and munched on them until they ran out…which didn’t take too long at all. Om nom nom.


And then there was this awesome-looking spire looming over the market…


We then walked through little alleys, away from the Cathedral and the market…


…passing by this statue of St. George and the slain Dragon along the way…


…up some more narrow roads…


…and finally reached St. Mark’s Church, a tiny dollhouse-like 15th Century church. The church didn’t even really have a courtyard area, so even standing as far back as possible (without getting hit by traffic), I couldn’t get the whole church in frame. The tiles on the roof depict the Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia, as well as the Zagreb Coat of Arms.


And then it was onto the busier “new” part of the city for lunch.

Next time, we go into the somewhat wilderness, in the Plitvice Lakes National Park!

Signing off,


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